Gold Cinema has created business in towns that never had quality cinemas before; benefitting the locals, government, distributors and the industry as a whole. Some of the markets Gold enters into have the privilege of experiencing novelties like pushback seats with extra leg space, hygienic air-conditioned environments, computerized tickets and 3D projection, unlike their predecessors. Even though some of the centres are small, the best technology and facilities are made available at a very affordable rate. Gold has 2K projection & Dolby Surround Sound at most of its properties. Gold has also looked into the revival of old cinemas that have lost their glory. In Mumbai, it started with the redevelopment of the old Sona Cinema in Borivali whose name it has incorporated in the branding, Prabhat Cinema in Thane and most recently Hindmata cinema at Dadar.

Gold Cinema recently won an award for Business Innovation at The Fridays | Cinema Exhibition Awards hosted by Businessworld. The award was a special one designated to honour examples of game changing initiatives and ahead of the curve ideas, undertaken by exhibitors that have lead the way for excellence in the industry.

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